Arbor Day Logo

The logo of the annual Barbados Arbor Day celebrations was designed by Heraldic Artist, Ms. Anne Rudder in 1997. Ms. Rudder incorporated historical research of the Silver Notarial Seal (Public Notarial Seal) of Barbados. This seal was believed to be in use prior to 1660 and displays several features including the words in Latin “Arbor Barbado” meaning Tree of Barbados, with specific reference to the engraved Bearded Fig Tree (Ficus citrifolia), from which the island got its name. The tree on the seal is depicted with visible root clusters hanging to the ground.

The logo is circular with the words “Barbados” and September 22” denoting the revised date of Arbor Day in Barbados, on the anniversary of “Hurricane Janet”. A ribbon scroll with the words “Arbor Day” is draped around the Bearded Fig Tree. The tree with its sturdy roots is standing above the foundation date of “1905”. When the first National Arbor Day was established in Barbados.

Barbados Arbor Day Logo